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Hannah visited Valparaiso

It's always nice to see celebrities visiting places which are not famous for their glamour. Such is the case with Daryl Hannah who showed her humanitarian side yesterday when she enjoyed a short tour throughout Valparaiso, greeting and talking with stray dogs . While in there I also met many dogs wandering around the city streets, and many accompanied me.

In Santiago, while I climbed the mountain in Cerro San Cristobal, many followed me as well, just to protect me. I even wondered if they were hired just to guide the tourists there. They barked at the cars each time they passed me, and I said, "Very good! We should walk here. Enough of polluted air." So surreal! I was then a funny version of "Anna and the Wolves".

"Many people buy fancy dogs, while there are so many abandoned, eager to love and be loved" said darling Daryl. "There is so little love in this world..." and so little compassion, I would add. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just embrace the idea of reaching out our hearts to one another, and shelter those who are so much in need?
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