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World No Tobacco Day

There is a saying that goes something like this, "You can smoke your life away" also, "Smoking is a daily deadly threat." I should rather say, "If you smoke you just joke... with your own life!" Smoky! But so true: That's now a fact that the effect of both active smoking and second-hand smoking is on the rise in the risk of breast cancer. (See the complete article I wrote for a Health Webzine in the link below:)

A couple of old, old friends (I've known them for ten years, and they are ten years older than I) were about to move from their house. So two days ago, I was invited in their home for a get together there for the last time. They are both active smokers. But they knew how I hate smoking. Nevertheless, they each smoked more than two cigarettes in less than an hour that I had myself suffocated. In the end, I left the place with my hair and clothes smelling like a furnace. I had them in my house once and they were nice enough to ask me if they could smoke, I said yes, as long it was outside. But this last time, I was in their own house, they knew they would make me feel grasping for clean air, but they simply didn't care. Or couldn't they remember how much smoke bothers others who don't smoke? If they didn't seem to care for their own daughter who was there simply to serve their guests and who had already fought leukaemia when she was a newborn baby. I was polite enough to fight the idea of screaming at them about abusive relationships and mild, nonetheless, abominably shameful child slavery and also resist the impulse to just jump outside, cracking, or even crashing against the closed windows of their living room. Not so sure if next time someone does that, for even five minutes puffing to my face smokes and pokes in ferocious strokes for atrocious chokes, I will react in such a civilized manner. After all, it IS my health that they are putting in jeopardy as well. And who gives them the right to incur someone into such misery of feeling breathless? Tobacco should be permanently banned from the world market, once and for all, for the good of ALL! I still have them as my old friend, although if they do not consider changing their habits AND ATTITUDES, they will insanely wane with this bane and before their very own eye, not to mention that I won't be visiting them too often to avoid risking getting cancer from mindless smokers.
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(Blessed Be the Day with No Tobacco in the World!:)
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