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The Labyrinth that's been her life...

Ana in Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais, Brasil

L ong labyrinth, that is her life.
And that's the real fact.
But where this will bring her to??
Years gone and she doesn't know yet,
Redeemed with still so much strife
In one point to finally reach point two.
Nevertheless, she still has to face
The most contagious creatures embrace
Hopefully bringing peace to her heart.

"Millions of years have passed to build the structure that contains the visceral designs of a cave. And it is the same with life. We walk the path through tortuous roads, beneath the sea, under storms, and we arrive to the same place. For once we crossed the path, the way is forever traced and it seems evident that it had always been that way, and we forget for an instance about the miracle of a path which looked similar to a return. Only it was not." Ana: A "playdrome" wor(l)d

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