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Two Angels in the Skies (In Desguise;)

This afternoon I looked up through my windowpane at what seemed to be a tornado formation, and it ended up being two angels playing in the middle of a heart cloud:

"Sometimes I feel like living in the sky
Where a beautiful angel whispers on my ear,
'Look and you will see inside your eye
All the beauty, and pain, and sorrow and fear'.

Sometimes the angel's voice echoes in my mind
As a reality which confounds me in a way so rare.
For all these thoughts make me feel so blind
For they can never seem to be the way they are.

But in the middle of all these confusions
I can even hear a bell that cheerfully rings:
An angel, so pretty, invades my illusion,
And makes me happy, and makes me sing.

But again it echoes in my heart that voice
That I can still live on and make a choice."

© 2001-2008 Ana Antunes
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