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Three Tender Tigers

Today there was an Afro-Peruvian Folkloric music presentation at Anahuac (which means, in Indian language, "the land surrounded by water"), the Cultural Center in Cerro San Cristobal. One of the musicians played once with a very odd instrument, a jaw from a rustic animal (by the obstinate sound I believe it was from a donkey, the bony structure, not the percussion;) which resonated in the entire room. The percussionist and also singer took an old lady up to the stage (she'd invited him to dance with her) and made her hip hop, then other two girls joined the "Buena Vista Social Club" in reference to the rhythm which were very similar to the Cuba's band. There also was a "viola" like an electric guitar that I had never seen before, without a body or acoustic box, and only the strings in the middle and the structure that surrounded it all open in the air. No need of a claustrophobic sensation, when you can deliver the message with the maximum of transparency. In a green tone that could well be a nice allusion to the hydroelectric attempt, which they plan to construct in the south, when there are so many other less drastic and clean solutions which causes no environmental impact, such as the wind energy in the north. After all, America is a continent surrounded BY not ON water (let's not forget "Atlantis"!)
Metropolitan Park this Sunday afternoon

At the same Metropolitan park there is the Santiago Zoo, where a white tiger named Luna, who came from Mexico in 2004, gave birth to three triggered tigers (try to say that three times without sounding in-triguer;) who were recently released to be exposed to the public. The white tigers are an endangered species, there are only 200 in the whole wide world which makes this news of a sublime touch.

So sublime indeed is the view of the Cordillera, like a spinal structure that, in the middle of the summer, keeps the snow on top. Let's pray this scene keeps itself as a beautiful reminder that the sun shines but there are a natural resource of clean water that cover our back. Let's pray for this winter to be of a no cataclysmic no catalytical or no-catalytical (because it doesn't matter if the vehicle contaminates less, if it does anyway), with no greenhouse effect, but a green-cause fact of a sole or solar solution (you better leave the car at home and go by foot, or use solar energy) so that we may see the sun shinning over the hills, and not that sad scenario of smog smothering us and hovering over all.

Andes Mountain's view from my terraza.

Andes Mountain viewed from my window this morning...

and the same Mountain viewed in the afternoon Anna ci sarò
fino a quando tu
non avrai la forza
per cercare un giorno in più
Anna io non so se vuoi che sia così
ma non mi arrenderò
per questo dimmi sì
Anna dimmi sì.

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