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Total Eclipse of the Heart!

Tomorrow there will be the full lunar eclipse. I am hoping I can make it and take some impression to post here. There will be a yellow light on the right side, which is Saturn. It will be an emotional and intense lunar eclipse which occurs in Virgo. But with a full Moon eclipse, there will be no time to be logical or to fear of loosing sense. Especially with Saturn watching. We might as well "fingerloose" in its rings, or go looping. Trying to balance heart and mind will be a very difficult task, but necessary to keep moving on. With the sky so clean, pollution-free environment, and full of stars, and the constellation in Leo, I am sure I will have pretty good pictures to share. For not until Dec. 21, 2010 will there be another total lunar eclipse; that one too will again favor the Americas.

God Bless!

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