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Bewitched by the Light (Embrujados por la Luz)

"Yo los fui a ver en Club Providencia, una noche realmente magica, su embrujo es espectacular!! Con una tazita de vino tinto a saludar los momentos mas hermosos y inolvidables de ese que tiene sido el verano mas hit/hot de Santiago des de que yo he llegado aca." (A comment I left on

I went to see El Embrujo Flamenco, a show with Spanish dancers which was simply delightful. They hypnotized the public with their fire and passion for this impressive/expressive dance. There was a principal flamenco "bailaor" and he really put the stage on fire, making the spectators exhilarate with his breathtaking precision, and I had my mouth open when I saw how fast he tipped his whole body over the floor. Later on, they presented him as the director of the company, Mr. Pedro Fernández. I've had never seen a tap dancing the way he did. He seemed to understand very well each line from the rhythms that played and he sentenced each music with his amazingly rapid feet. I was dazzled. Really enchanting! I went to Spain one year and a half ago and there I didn't see any dancer at all. Not even a show. I actually was the one who danced there. (And I got the video to confirm that I indeed did a little performance near La Rambla, in Barcelona). I once saw a flamenco show in a Cruise (but then it was on the way from Santos to Rio), and I enjoyed a lot watching the presentation from Angel (the male dancer) who came from Cordoba. But yet it didn't have that flaming sensation as I witnessed in the Club Providencia stage. Oh, what a fortunate chance to appreciate that and what an unforgettable agenda I've been having, especially for it's the first time I spend the whole month of January/February in Santiago and it's been awesome.
Bewitched am I for those sunflowers which blossomed last week. I planted the seeds more than three months ago and just now they are opening, like a big smile over my terrace. I even made two bags on canvas where I painted the sunflowers.
And I think this one has been the hottest summer we ever had in both climatic and social events. At least, it's been over one hundred years that the sun didn't shine so intensely and its rays have been hitting us incessantly and incisively those last two months. No wonder the sunflowers are really having a blast with this. Hopefully the global warming won't cause too much damage to the country side, which have been already suffering by the dry weather, and as much as the urban life, which causes us to reach to the next tree to refresh our souls from the burning asphalt. Thank God there are hope for the flowers, when the rain (if it ever comes) showers us with blessing thoughts, leaving that hot sensation only in our inner selves while watching such magical Shows.

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