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The World as A Cosmic Ballet

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The lunar eclipse started around ten after ten PM and it lasted for over two hours. A shadow advanced slowly on the lower right side of the moon. And I was amazed on how long it took when it arrived to its peak. At exactly midnight the Earth completely covered the moon, making it appear as a slightly gloomy red ball. Then after a half hour the light shone on the right of the upper part of the moon, while I waited to see the brightness coming from the bottom on the same place where the shade first came in. Then I realized that it was actually like the Yin/Yang symbol, or the male/female icons, as it started as a cross in the lower part, departing gradually and softly from the darkening of the lower surface, giving space to the shade and then, like an arrow, pushing its way as the light appeared again, on the same side, but right up, all so very well balanced in its own logical way. A great cosmic symphony, or rather an amazing Ballet to the naked eye. There was a star with Saturn accompanying the moon in this important transition, as if they were assisting the natural satellite on giving birth. Also there was another star a little bit further south and the three spacial spheres formed a triangle and enveloping the moon in this huge embrace. I did record it in the camera like a photo shooting. As the moon entered in its full eclipse, I heard in the news that somewhere over the Hawaiian Islands they have succeeded on shooting down a dying satellite propelled by hydrazine, a standard rocket fuel that is toxic when inhaled and mortal if in contact with humans and it was in danger of falling on Earth. Hopefully not so many debris will come down on our heads now... not so many, at least, as the news continues to bring up more stories of shootings...
Imparting the effects of the moon,
which peacefully reflects our doom,
here is the time for us to reinstate.
In spite of all the thorns to mourn,
let's hope for a ceasefire to reborn,
now rather than late.
So to refresh my own heart
I picked from the start
the eclipse to gestate:

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