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Into The Wild

I've read the book (the one with black and white cover) a year before this movie was shot. That cover caught Sean Penn's attention. It was a photo of a bus covered in snow. I only thought when I finished the book how good a movie could this be, for I so had in my mind's eye the whole picture, with so many attention to details, so very well described, filled with nuances not only from the inner and outer nature (in both senses, human and by the environment) but very well written as a sentiment, it feels how much this true story touched the author Jon Krakauer. The actor Emile Hirsch as the main character plays with distinction his role as the young Chris McCandless who left everything, family, friends, and an apparent flawless life to live into the wild. Awesome photography and direction, as well as the screenplay which held very truthful to the original text. Many Kudos for the first time director Sean Penn.

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