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Velazquez's Birthday

Isn't that formidable that GOOGLE keeps recreating its own logo with figures, paintings, and whatever creative way to commemorate dates and fates? That gives me inspiration to write more and more about great personalities in the WHO (World History Orbitation:) Goggle left the G engulfing the painter, a semi O appears in the reflection (but for my perspective it could well be the letter E in the end;) and the other O got lost inside the mirror in one of the many Velazquez's self portrait, his masterpiece "The Maids of Honour" or in its original "Las Meninas" simply "The Girls". I saw it when I went to the Museum of Prado in Madrid. It's a huge painting, it covers the whole wall. What intrigues most in this painting, at least for my point of view, it's not so much that he is inside, probably looking at the mirror, to paint himself as a reflection of the whole scene, which is not what is exposed there but the subtle nuance reflecting inside the mirror, that he was actually there inside his studio, his models were nothing more nothing less that the Spanish king and queen. And that is what makes it so fascinating. That he makes his own viewers the royalty themselves. For if you are the one in front of the painting, YOU are the one being recreated in that canvas in front of him. How ingenious this is! And he is also accompanied by the infant, the royal child with a fainted smile in her face. There is so much he transpose from her, and also so much going on around that's hard to believe he could feel so at ease as he makes it appear. After all, he was elected as the royal painter. And how burden did that represent as well.
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