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World Environment Day

The WE Day
"We are not apart from Nature.. we are part of Nature"

Today is the World Environment Day and this date started a long time ago. This year's slogan is "CO2, Kick the Habit! Towards a Low Carbon Economy."

Enhance your day with awareness about e-facts.
Come up with durable and plausible solutions.
Or Plant a tree (or many trees!:)
Now Recycle more...
Open a eco-store or work in a garden.
Mainly avoid using electricity or shut it asap
Insist on economy of water, energy supplies
Avoid driving, prefer public transportation, or even better, use a bicycle.

Let's give a possibility of a clean environment for our own generation!:)

Besides recycling everything, separating each material (plastics, cans, papers, tetrapaks, etc, etc) and getting them on a recycle center near home, I also use a medium tank in the shower so that I may recycle water as well. This way I flush the toilet, or I use it to water the garden, also recycle the seeds, and all vegetables left-overs, making compounds. In this matter I have now more than fifteen trees, small and big, to beautify my terrace, and that's only for I live in an apartment...or I would have an organic farm by now!

Ana is celebrating the World Environment Day by planting trees in her own terrace with the hope it will help combat the greenhouse effect during winter.
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