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Photo Shooting

It's pretty nice that Paulo Coelho, a worldwide celebrated writer, shows the step-by-step of how to make a cover. As models, we've been in so many photo sessions that it's hard to keep track of our works and we even take for granted all the hard work from measuring the light to keeping the model still, to have the patience to not scream to the person, "Don't move... Don't move, DON'T..." (Too late!;)

Talking about covers of magazines, I once was sitting in the VIP room of Lima's airport, waiting for my plane (from Varig airlines) when I saw a magazine... and look who was on the cover?? Only my favourite author!! (And he would never guess, magician as he is;) then, my plane arrived, and what was my surprise when I saw him descending from the same plane that I was about to catch. Tell me about synchronicity! It was in 1998 and the magazine I was reading had an interview about Paulo Coelho's upcoming visit to Peru. I don't need to mention that when I saw him walking in the landing lane I started to jump like crazy (or like a bunny groupie, as his last name itself means Rabbit) and yelling I called him, "Paulo Coelho, Paulo Coelho". I swear you I thought he had heard me screaming at the top compartment and through the sound-proof windows, as I saw him stepping towards my direction. Then a big woman (I wonder if she was his agent) grabbed his arm and redirected him to the exit. At least I can sing the FADO (Fate) that I was once THIS close to him... To quote Maxwell Smart, "It was this close!"

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