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Oscar Niemeyer (ON): GO+Old=GOLD!

This Sunday I went to the museum of Beaux Arts here in Santiago to see Niemeyer who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. What I most enjoyed about the exhibition, besides wandering around the building, was to go inside a dark room and see a projection screen showing a video where Oscar (with a head as bald as his architecture in the sense of simplicity and functionality) tells with details about his life as architect and public figure. "Life is just a breath", a minute and gone. That's not exactly the message from his creation which seems to scream out loud that they're there to stay forever in the eye of the viewer. His global intentions are circular and round, as the curves the Universe is made and as nature itself. Oscar never won an Oscar (and believe him when he says he never intended to win a prize or praise) and his works are as golden spheres. Go see, they're all around the globe (with no pun intended, I swear!:)
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