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"On ne peut pas definir le temps" Klein

No, it was not Calvin Klein who said that, but Etienne Klein whom I recently watched the interview on the TV program "Una Belleza Nueva" hosted by my ex-teacher of Literature, Mr. Christian Warken, a great character from Chile. The last time I met him I screamed with my strong accent, "Professor!" He looked at me and smiled. He even made me read my poem in French for the other students. As I recall it was the first time I shared my poems with people in such a intimate contact of looking directly to my public's eyes. Well, I talked at conferences, I dance, I perform at the theatres, I see the public looking at me, but this time it was different, special, for I was peeling myself, revealing the deep inside of me, and it was an exhilarating sensation. I saw tears and smiles, and the reaction of my words on others.

I once read "Time is an Illusion" but after viewing this interview I am doubting it. Time really does exist. What we do with our lives is what will measure the precise order and establish the limits. You are as old as you think you are, time passes, yes, but how you use it tells much more of who and where you are in your age than any other passage or presage. Here a comment of mine about time well spent:D

Time sounds so sweet and divine
When you listen to Etienne Klein:
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