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Alhambra: A pearl set in emeralds

"Stigmas, Enigmas and Stereotypes
(A book by Ana C. Antunes)

A salmon coloured edification, a red fortress surrounded by a evergreen forest, Alhambra, in Granada, can be considered a fairy tale. The region abounds in pomegranates, from which probably derives its name, Granutus in Latin meaning 'many seeds', a red fruit which main symbol represents the heart, or love and the affection form from a human being. Or it could also mean "Karnaltah" or Karnattah-al-Yahud, and the Arabic words kurn, " a hill," and nattah, " stranger,"—the " city " or " hill of strangers."
Talking about Moor, mohr and more, I just finished another mini-opera set for children and filled with witty and animated characters. "O tell all" is part of my Shakes Opera Collection based upon Shakespeare's plays. And it's now available in the link: or you can listen it from the CD (audiobook):
"Shakes Opera"
"O Tell All!" (from the Collection "Shakes Opera")

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