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International Dance Day

Yesterday, I went to a gala at the Municipal Theatre in celebration of the International Dance Day (which is April 29th) and what a feast of colouful movements with a diversity and playful choreographies to delight the eyes of a public not used to that kind of entertainment. I know Dancing to be of the most essential of all arts, it's movement itself, it's breathing, heart taking and soul making all at one, and it is primordial with a nurturing experience for the human existence. And I feel very privileged to have Dance as part of my life's journey and as an Art which resonates deep inside myself. I used to teach children who couldn't afford to go to an academy back in my teens and twenties, being myself in that position as a child who had to work hard to get into a public school for the arts in a very demanding schedule and an even harder battery of exams to pass through to become a professional ballerina. But I will still see the day when this Art will be in every scholar curriculum for the grace of our spirits. Vive la Danse!!
(Here below some moments from this great graceful grateful event:)

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