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Lunar Year of the Rat: a time of renewal

2008 is the year of the rat in Chinese Horoscope and also the year of the Olympics in Beijing. Which better way to celebrate that by renewing some beliefs, such as revising the way we've been treating others (and ourselves) and changing some values to make life easier and less repressed for all's sake. Enough of violence, protests, and lack of freedom of being, let's start anew, with alliances instead of sectarian decisions, with dialogue and accordance, with tolerance for each other's beliefs instead of repression. Let's make a brand new horizon where all may be seen as equals, speaking the same language. Let's break the ice, remove the barriers, the Babel tower, and make an Olympic torch tour, not to show supremacy over other Nations, but the flame as the symbol of our spirits, and the silver cup made like a mirror just to see ourselves as the reflection of each other, and not as separate beings.
Acrostic by Ntunes
Baby Mouse sees a cat
All clever he doesn't enrage
Barking, "Ruff, ruff, ruff!"
Young cat just runs away.

Mother rat quickly says,
"Oh, I am so very proud!
Using words crying loud,
Speaking a second language
Enter you into another age."
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