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Neruda's Chascona

Neruda's house in Santiago was named by the Nobel prize of Literature as "Chascona" after his wife's look for she always wore her hair as a big tugged wig. She was often called "Medusa" for that (or perhaps her character;) and visiting his house gave me inspiration for small lyrics which I transcribe below in Spanish and translate in English.

La Chascona (Neruda's House)
Lyrics by Ana 'nTunes

Hay una mujer desnuda
en la casa de Neruda!

Inside Pablo Neruda's home
a body lies without a dome.Luego de llegar a la entrada
uno poede ver una bella hada.

Right there in the front hall
we see a fairy in an icy wall.En su amplio y calmo jardin
hay de misterios un sin fin.

Endless enigma had the bard
In a large and calm backyard.
En medio de la pieza rara
hay un quadro con su cara.

In the middle of a rare room
a portrait reveals his gloom.Subiendo la escalera en el hall
uno como que entra en un caracol.

Climbing up the weird snail stair
will make you grasp for some air.Y en esa pieza hay montones de cosas
de libros tan antiguos como de losas.

Up there it's a room filled with bric-a-brac
and rare books that'll make you want to pack. Pero lo que mas me encanto en su casa
fue ver la gente mirar a ver que pasa.

But what I most enjoyed there after all
t'was to see visitors passing by the hall.
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