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Rod Stewart and his Steawy Art

Last night, she went to Rod Stewart in Concert and his changing of clothes reminded her of the Concert Diana Ross gave in Sao Paulo, only it was a male version of a fashion show. Then she thought of how nice it was when she could go to the shows for free, may it be for working, modelling or promoting, or accompanying her famous bass player hubby. Rod arrived at six in the airport, and right, and very British, he started the show on time, with the music she had in her head on the last three days, "It's a heartache". The public was agitated. But it was only because they could not sit down while he played his rocking music. Rod said, "Now you can all sit down. Those seats were very expensive!"Ana had her seat on the right side of the stage, up there but very far away. Many times he would wave in her direction. She, along with everybody else, would wave back. Then, once he waved, and Ana sent him a kiss. When he sang "you're in my heart, you're in my soul" he threw it, the kiss she had sent to him two songs before, back to her. It was a delight. He can sing for more thirty years to come and he would still make his audience exhilarate with his hits. What a voice!! Perfect tune! And he danced the whole show with a small break of less than ten minutes and he was back again ceaselessly, and insatiably ("Don't you think I am sexy?") and so was his audience. To leave the place was almost impossible, not only because everybody there wanted more (he gave only a bis, saying, "just because you arrived on time": funny British humour!:) But the crowd was so huge it was all a crusade to get "rod" of it. All of a sudden she was being carried by that ocean of people and there was a car in the middle, and another two vans waiting to cross the "river". When Ana looked inside the van behind, she saw the female singers waving back to the crowd. When she looked in the van in front Ana saw a very blond (almost bleached) man in the front seat. He looked at the people there being smashed, and then he looked down. He was waiting for them (the crowd) to pass. No, it was not Roddie, but rather his drummer, who showed to the public that he doesn't make a drama but plays along, and alone so very well, when he played solo in the middle of the spectacle. The whole show lasted two hours. And Rod was heading back to the airport, which made her wonder, "man, this guy ever sleeps at all?" He has more two concerts in Buenos Aires, for today and tomorrow. What an energy, fuelled with fire from his heart, but not fooled by the throat cancer he had to endure in 2001. His voice is perfect, and he will continue, because he is simply made to prod! "Sing it again, Rod!" (for surely "blondes have more fun"!:)
The Concert to its fullest:

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