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World Book and Copyright Day

Today is dedicated worldwide for reading and reflecting upon the services and the labour of the writers all around the globe. It was on an April, twenty-third, in the same year of 1616, that Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Inca Garcilaso de la Vega (a Peruvian writer who lived in Spain and whose writings were also very much appreciated by Cervantes) died. Being a writer myself since I was a child when I would start to tell stories with my drawings and tales to myself, first, and when I had the courage to show them to people (and they wouldn't believe I invented and wrote my own poems) then I realized how hard a task that is, to prove the stories one owes to oneself are the ones one's written and owns right on! They are the stories one saw, viewed or observed, experienced or was told about. Then we cannot be sure they were really one's own stories if they belong to all of us. So today is about copyright day too. Although I believe we cannot dimension which story was the original one, if you see that all stories came from somewhere else, I know how much it hurts when people just steal one's ideas. That happened to me right when I was on fifth grade and I wrote sonnets to my colleagues in class, which were later copied by other girls who, by the way, never mentioned my name on them. That's where copyright cannot reach. For how can you prove you had the idea first? Ok, right, I wrote my name right after the title, but someone else wrote the same thing. What better example than seeing all those poems being circulated on the internet when people give credits to Shakespeare, or Borges, the latter very much influenced by Cervantes, with texts varying from "live if there is no tomorrow" to "If I Had My Life to Live Over" and all that they could say if they were still alive and read those poems would probably be that they would die if they wrote that. When it is to give respect to the author's ownership of their works I am on! It is that simple to just mention the RIGHT name on the copy (when you do know the authorship, and if you don't just go find out who did it!:) And that's what COPYRIGHT is all about.

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