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"Cheery Shoes"

Ana went to Valparaiso,
the harbour city of Chile.
The sky was so blue,
it was not so chilly,
so she took off her shoes
and walked on the streets.(bis)
She danced until she could fleet
climbing up on the big valley,
to the edge of a pit.
There she took a flower
from a fine old tree
and she felt so free...(bis)
Her shoes accompanied her trip,
But then they took another flip.
And ran away
They didn't follow her way.
She looked but they were gone.
She cried out alone.(bis)

Then they came back
and now she wears her shoes
like a bric-a-brac.
That's the end
If you want more
come back once again
just to sing the refrain.
(Poem and tune by Ana Antunes, based upon "Tolin Tolin Tolan";)

by Conselho Nacional de Television de Chile
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