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Bora Bora: The Pearl of the French Polynesian Islands

She first arrived to Tahiti, and took the Aremiti Express from Papeete to visit the island closer to it, which is Moorea. Then, Ana took another fast boat, not without getting a little dizzy, on a type of TGV (Transportation Giving Vertigo;) only that it was over the water to sail, and not on a train trail. She then got into two more islands, Raietea and Huahine. There she spent almost a week just to know the place and the locals, along with people's costumes and habits. She bought a nice pareo there, met a couple of parrots, while walking in the woods, and she also sailed the coast in a kayak. Then she headed to Bora Bora planning to spend another couple of days from her express vacation of only thirteen days. Arriving there by boat seemed easier than it was in fact. It took many hours until she could finally see the island in the shape of a heart, and at least another hour until she could reach the land. But it is so magnificent it was worth every "pain-Y!"

song by Ana n-Tunes

Arriving in Papeete
Lied there two huahines.
One was Repeta and the other Repete.
Helas, Repeta married uncle Pete!
And now who cries for another engine?
OK, I will repeat, but just once... Arriving in Papeete...
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